May 2, 2013

The Countdown Begins . . .

Scarf - Sisters on Tate 5.00
Blowfish Malibu Flats - Triad Goodwill 4.00
H&M Cardigan, Mossimo Tank, Old Navy Jeans

 to my BIRTHDAY!! It seems like every year I get this nervous anxiety beginning in late April about getting older. I question am I where I'm supposed to be and have I accomplished everything that I should have. Instead of questioning where I'm supposed to be, this year I'm celebrating where I am! This is really the greatest time of my life, not because my life is so perfect but my perspective is different.

Yesterday, I did something that I hadn't done in over ten years. I got micro braids! I swear this new hair is giving me life, LOL! Georgette at Megeo Hair Braiding was great!! In under 6 hours, she transformed my TWA to a protective style I hope to wear for at least 8 weeks (we'll see what it looks like in 4 and 6 weeks).  I'm looking forward to wearing my braids up in a top bun!


  1. I LOVE those micros on you! Lookin' good my friend! XO