April 4, 2013

Weekend Wear

New York and Company Dress - Goodwill 5.00
Mossimo Nude Pumps - 24.99

Camden's Outfit
George Shirt & Tie Set - 10.00
H&M Cardigan and Sneakers
Old Navy Jeans

There comes a time in every natural girl's period of hair growth when we have to make some decisions about what next for our hair? I really, really want braids so that I can rock a high bun. But some days I consider a long dramatic sew-in. To help make my decision, I purchased an inexpensive synthetic wig for Easter weekend. The reactions to me with hair were quite interesting, a few close family friends didn't even recognize me right away! This was definately a great "weekend wig" for a quick change and protective style. Unfortunately it started to tangle after day 3 and will end up getting tossed (I guess I got my money's worth).

 I'm still not sure what's next for me hair, but I am still excited about
  Return of the Curls: Curls Gone Wild natural hair expo coming to Greensboro in July. You can expect to see before and after makeovers, live demonstrations, and Curly Nikki. If you haven't gotten your ticket yet, what are you waiting for?? 

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