July 18, 2012

BFSC: Wear Something You Wouldn't Normally Wear

Forever 21 Top - Goodwill $3.75
Harem Pants - Cause for Paws $3.20
Mossimo Sandals - Target

If you follow IMPR(4L)ess on Facebook, you've already seen pictures from I Love Thrifting Day in Raleigh/Durham hosted by Fabellis and Naturally Fashionable. This was a great road trip and a great opportunity to thrift shop with avid thrift shoppers and newbies. I usually stay in my lane when thrift shopping but both Fabellis and Naturally Fashionable encouraged me to get both pair of these harem pants from our first stop Cause for Paws, and I'm so glad I listened! They are so cute and unique!! I can't believe I'm wearing a see through sweater without a cami but it was hot and it worked. Maybe next time I'll really be daring and pop some color underneath.

I'm still participating in Jasifer Lions Club Big Fat Summer Challenge and was able to cross "Wear Something You Wouldn't Normally Wear" and "Wear a High-waisted Bottom" off my list! Only a few outfits to go, I hope I can get it done by the end of the month.

Harem Pants - Cause for Paws $3.29
Beaded Necklace - Maxway $6.00

Apostrophe (Sears) Blazer - Salvation Army $3.99
Jones New York Jacket - Cause for Paws $2.99

Old Navy Blouse - Salvation Army $2.99

My total spending for I Love Thrifting Day was only $24.37


  1. You can mark off something high waisted also with those pants! They are fierce by the way

    1. Thanks! I had to update this post, I didn't even realize I was rocking something high-waisted too!

  2. Yes!!! I love it! So glad you bought them. You definitely had some great buys.

    1. Thanks! I took your advice and added some heels.

  3. Girl if I could fit those pants I would steal them from you!!! So cute!

  4. Love your pants!!!