July 25, 2011

Another Hair Journey!?!

I love my natural hair!! I've been through several phases of not liking how my hair was looking on this natural hair journey, but I really love being natural. I have no plans of ever returning to a relaxer and the few times that I've straightened my hair only lasted a few days. I love short, natural hair!! I really feel like short, natural hair is my signature look. I feel so sexy and confident with short hair, minimal make-up, and big earrings. BUT when I recently (less than 3 months ago) decided to cut my hair again after two years of growing it out, I never imagined that I would be embarking on yet another hair journey this soon.

May 12th - I cut my hair into what was supposed to be a frohawk.

May 14 -I woke up a few days later after my haircut and totally hated it! I returned to the barbershop and got my hair cut down to less than an inch on top.

June 2 - While I loved the new look, I longed for the Big Chop #1 look, "the brush cut". I went to a new barbershop (huge mistake!!) and got my hair cut back down only to discover several (5 to be exact) bald patches throughout my scalp. I was more upset at the fact that I told the barber about a bald spot that I had in the middle of my head (it's been there forever, not sure where it came from) and he didn't even say a thing about the others, my son informed as we were walking to the car. The next day I sat in the salon and fought back tears when my stylist and a barber from the adjoining barber shop informed that the bald patches appeared to be stress related alopocia. I've been through some stressful work/life changes over the past few months, but enough to cause my hair to fall out, like really!! I went home and let it all out, cried about my hair, about my life, about everything and everyone that I had let worry up until this point.

July 23 - After almost 8 weeks without a haircut (2 shape-ups, can't be looking a mess), countless hours of searching the web and watching YouTube videos, I have decided to grow my hair out. I am not 100% stress free, but I've made an effort to pray more and worry less. I'm proud to say, the bald patches are growing in (still a little thin, but at least it's growing). I kept coming back to the vlogger who prompted me to cut my hair in the first place, after watching Sunshine's video (http://naturalsunshine.ning.com/), I've decided to grow my hair out with style!! Take a look at my video as I embark on yet another hair journey . . .


  1. You do it! I feel ya on the stress. Our bodies sometimes have to tell us to let some things go. You look fierce!

  2. Thanks Gabby, I still haven't seen your hair yet!

  3. Soon :) It's been straight/semi-straight since I cut it. Didn't realize that I have different textures of hair on my head. So, it's been an experiment in trying to find the right style. I'm happy not be relaxing my hair. And, I'm glad I cut it. All in all, I'm enjoying it.