January 15, 2011

Wardrobe Remix: Jenny B

Jenny B, one of my colleagues at UNC Greensboro, is one of the people who encouraged me to start IMPR(4L)ess and signed up to be one of my first clients after I launched my original site. We spent about three hours in home one Saturday afternoon a few months ago. Her husband Mike (pictured above) entertained their beautiful baby girl Brooke, their dog Hank, and my son Camden. We started out with a questionnaire about Jenny's personal and professional style (Mike provided some input with his favorite outfits and items). Then we headed to the closet to go through her all of her shoes and clothes, deciding whether to keep, donate, or alterate (is that a word? it sounds good though). At the end of the day, we filled a laundry basket of items to donate, created a small pile of items to get altered, and put together a few outfits pictured above.

The following week I provided Jenny with a Style Calendar of 15 outfits from items we discovered in her closet:

Thanks Jenny and Mike for making me feel so welcome in your home, at some point during the consultation I realized that I had taken my shoes off, talk about being in my comfort zone. I really had a good time (and so did Camden). I can't wait to come back for your Spring/Summer consultation.
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